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4/26/08 at 07:09 PM    View 12 Comments    Add CommentDavid Readman Video
David Readman was the former vocalist for Adagio on the classic albums Sanctus Ignus and Underworld. Sanctus being my favorite.

Anyways, David released a great solo album. Here is a video to the song "Don't Let It Slip Away"

1/14/08 at 11:54 PM    Add CommentUser Settings are now adjustable
Yet another button has been added to your administration buttons... "User Settings".

You can now specify whether or not you want to receive email notification messages each time you receive a new message in your Message Center, receive a reply to one of your blog message, or receive a feedback comment.

You can also change your password as often as you like.

Obviously, as the site grows, and new features are added, there will be more options to manipulate on your user settings page.
1/10/08 at 12:02 AM    Add CommentMultiple Recipient Messaging Structure has been Created
I just finished creating a linking table that will eventually allow you all to send one message out to a saved list of PhoTune members. Instead of typing in a single member's name, you will be able to select one of your saved friend lists.

I was able to get the existing messaging system to utilize the linking table for the recipient's id, etc... I could explain it further, but no one would understand, nor care to understand.

The trick is going to be making a simple tool for creating the friend lists. I will have to come up with some handy little Ajax tool to fit the job. It sounds like a weekend job, not a weekday evening one.
1/6/08 at 06:24 PM    Add CommentMessage Center is available
I finally got things rolling smoothly regarding the personal messaging system.

You will see the new "Message Center" link near the bottom left of your admin menu.

My buddy, Harpmaker, pointed out a few features I needed to add, such as a sent messages area, and some error checking routines so that you guys/gals don't send out blank reply messages accidently.

Please add any comments regarding the messaging system to this blog entry. If you have a good suggestion, I will do my best to implement it.

It has been so long since I shot a concert. I am looking forward to the Into Eternity show that is coming up this Thursday, Jan 10th, at Vnuk's Lounge.
1/2/08 at 12:41 AM    Add CommentHappy New Year
I found some time to work on the Gallery Listing section of the site. You can now send email links to your PhoTune photo galleries, as well as embed them into web pages, or even your general info or blogging section of your PhoTune homepage.

One other tweak I made was to have your email links play the PhoTune or photo gallery on top of your personal PhoTune homepage... not on top of the PhoTune index page. This is a great way to get folks to check out everything you have to offer.

I have been taking a little time away from the site. Obviously, this also translates into no blog entries.

I know that tackling an entire private messaging system for the PhoTune community is a fairly complicated procedure, so I thought I would take some time off and then come back with a fresh mind.

I started working on the messaging system today. I wrote up switch statement to determine the messaging mode and provide the correct sequence of instructions.

You can view your inbox, view your saved messages, check off one, multiple, or all messages in your inbox and archive them to your saved messages. You can perform the same selection process mentioned in your inbox or saved messages area to delete the selected messages.

I need to write up a verification popup message prior to deleting the messages.

Viewing a selected message, composing a new message and replying to a message are on my to do list.
12/25/07 at 10:01 PM    Add CommentMerry Christmas
I had a great, relaxing Christmas Day with my family at home.

My 6 year old daughter loved the 30GB Zune media player I bought her. I loaded it up with 23 movies/tv shows for her to watch. I also put her favorite music CDs on it.

As you all know, I am a concert photographer. My daughter Cione loves to look at all the pictures I take. Recently, I have shot a few bands with female vocalists. She told me that she is going to sing in a band when she gets older. I told her that I want her to sing in a band like Within Temptation. I also snuck their latest CD, "The Heart of Everything", on her Zune. Sure enough, I have caught her listening to them three times today.

I will track down a song from Within Temptation and put them on my MP3 player at the top of this page for you all to hear what they sound like.

I added a song to the Melodic Metal genre from Within Temptation called "All I Need".

Today I embarked on the challenging task of creating a private messaging center for every PhoTune member. I was able to set up the database tables and get the inbox listing page to work. Not bad for 90 minutes of programming. I hope to have this set up for all of you within the next week or so.
12/24/07 at 12:25 AM    Add CommentFeedback Section Puts Up a Good Fight
Well, the feedback section turned out to be far trickier than I had originally imagined... but in the end it submitted to my relentless troubleshooting. Getting all those different div classes to dance together in perfect synchronization got a bit ugly for a while.

Empty sections now show a friendly message explaining that there is no content to display.

I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow so I can get all the little kinks worked out.

I just thought of something the feedback section is missing. It needs to shoot off an automated email message to the homepage author that such and such user has left you a feedback message.
12/23/07 at 02:48 AM    Add CommentFeedback Section is Almost Finished
I had a busy Saturday. I went and saw National Treasury 2 with Becky and Cione and I had a hockey game tonight out at Nagawaukee.

I was able to squeak enough time in on the site to get the Feedback section working. It still needs the "Previous/More Feedback" links added.

Another thing I need to add is a message for each section that does not have any items to display. I should hide the 1-0 of 0 message.
12/20/07 at 11:00 PM    Add CommentA Night of Tweaks
I finished my To Do List from the previous entry.

If you are logged into your PhoTune account, you will see Edit links on each of the different sections. This really makes adding new content to your homepage a quick and easy process.

I added the much needed anchor tags to each member's homepage. Thus, when you click on the "More Entries" link on the bottom of my Blog Entries, you will be brought to the next page of blogs and the blog section will be cued at the top of your browser window. Yet another simple change that makes us better than our bloated competitor.

Tomorrow night I will crank out the Comments/Messaging section of the homepage. Believe it or not, this is the last section that I have lined up. It is going to be an awesome feeling of accomplishment when I get that section finished up.

I do have another huge undertaking to work on after I finish this "Classic" version of the user homepage... I want to create a version of the homepage that is available only to the Unlimited Access users.

This "Custom" version will be designed with customization in mind. It will allow them to upload custom backgrounds and window graphics, select text colors, enable/disable sections of the homepage, etc... I am making these features up as I type... ;)

It will be quite a daunting task, but I am confident that if I can dream it, I can create it.

It would be really cool to create customizable javascript menus that branch off to different pages... OK, I am really creating a monster here.
12/20/07 at 09:09 AM    Add CommentA Few Notes to Myself...
The blog preview needs to be moved about 10 - 15 pixels to the right.

Need to set anchor tags on the homepage. Then, when clicking the More Entries link to view more blog entries, it should jump you down to the blog anchor. It is too inconvenient to scroll past the other info every time.

This change can be applied to all the sections that have more content, such as links, pts, galleries.

Make the slim IE div border about 150 pixels taller. Check into why the pt thumbs are vertically spaced so far apart. Maybe this could eliminate the larger div border?

Need to add a Management Tools link to the user's homepage. This will eliminate the use of the back button.