What is PhoTune.com?
PhoTune.com is where photo and music become one.

We allow you to make photo slide shows that contain a music or voice track. You can use any available online MP3 file. You determine when the photos change during the sound track by adding cue points.

Once you create a PhoTune, you can send all your friends a link to your PhoTune in an email message, or embed the PhoTune directly into one of your own personal web pages. You may add new photos, remove photos, re-order the photos, change the sound track or adjust the color of your PhoTune frame as often as you like. The great thing is that the link to that PhoTune never changes, thus you do not need to resend email invites or update your web page containing your PhoTune.
Here are the basic steps involved in making a PhoTune:
  1. Upload photos
  2. Add captions & specify a category for each photo (optional)
  3. Check the photos you want to put in your PhoTune
  4. Click the "Add Photos to PhoTune" button
  5. Re-order photos (optional)
  6. Click the "Add/Change Audio" button
  7. Pick a song from our large genre sorted catalog
  8. Click the "Done" button
  9. Copy the email link or embed link to your PhoTune
  10. Paste it in an email to your friends, or embed it in one of your personal web pages or myspace page
Many people keep text blog pages that they update every day. Now you can add your personal, updateable PhoTune to your blog page for your friends and family to visit. Change the photos and music every day to keep things interesting. It is a great way to share and discover new music with your friends.

Go ahead... click the "Sign Up" button on the left to create a free PhoTune account. You can then immediately start uploading photos and creating your very first PhoTune.
Welcome to the PhoTune community... enjoy yourself and spread the word.